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Learn More About Adult Dyslexia & Related Conditions: Irlen Syndrome

The condition that a person with dyslexia may have a team of Irlen. This condition is very plentiful associated with dyslexia, since each of them has a number of similar symptoms. In addition, many dyslexics have this team, together with having dyslexia itself.

Analysis and testing, absolutely, it was found that a variety of topics, which could follow a distorted page of numbers, words and music. In fact, affect reading, spelling and writing. In addition, there are times when copying math skills, reading, music, driving, sports performance, the ability to understand on the PC and unfastened under fluorescent lighting are affected.

Defining Irlen
People with this syndrome to understand the printed page in a totally different way for those who have a traditional view. If you have this, you are obliged to adapt constantly to the distortions that you're seeing on the printed page.

You can become a slow and inefficient as a result. In addition, shows little understanding, it is not completely understand what you read. You will be able to suffer, such as headaches, stress and fatigue.

The State will have an effect on its ability to attention, motivation, energy level, perception of depth, written, and especially its superficiality. those who suffer from this disease, which tends to be tagged as poor performance with behavior, motivation and attitude problems.

This syndrome is considered a condition variable and sophisticated than is usually found to live with various learning difficulties such as dyslexia.

The syndrome was first identified by Helen Irlen, academic psychologist. This happened in 1980, operating in California with adult learners. She was prepared to take into account the diversity of their students more easy navigation at any time by using the color overlay to hide the printed page is dealt with.

If you are dyslexic with these conditions, you must have a patented treatment method. Here you want to use layers of specially formulated, colored or tinted lenses. You will be able to use this as your eyeglasses or contact lenses may be. After the lens used, discount or possible elimination of perception and the difficulties encountered.

His program is learning, ADHD, autism, dyslexia or other conditions that interfere with the proper functioning of the workplace, including specifically designed to meet the needs of the people in the classroom, and socially.

Some symptoms of this syndrome are poor comprehension, reading obscure words light, misreads, ignoring the words or lines, slow or hesitant manner and avoid reading the reading itself.

During playback, a person with this condition have varied complaints as tension, fatigue, tiredness, drowsiness, headaches and nausea. Also, someone may seem restless and fidgety while doing homework.

As for writing, you will be able to copy without problems, characters, in descending or ascending writing and inconsistent spacing between the spelling of words is a word that exists irregularly

When you use your PC, you will be able to feel, well, fatigue and tension. You will also experience any difficulty in reading music. In addition, regular mathematical errors or careless negligence. After writing the numbers in columns, which are also misaligned.

One of the obvious symptoms, but this result in the syndrome of their perception of depth. is generally awkward and have problems of sports that involve catching balls. In addition, you may be incorrectly judging distances.

Most of the times when people with dyslexia treatment, intervention did not succeed because there is a fundamental presence of Irlen syndrome. Therefore, the evaluation of this condition is also necessary for dyslexia.


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